L'âme du Bogolan

The soul of mudcloth

Studio Matongé features "Bogolan", a unique fabric handwoven from 100% organic cotton, handcrafted by artisans in Mali's Ségou region and colored with natural pigments.

Bogolan, from the Bambara words "bogo" (clay) and "lan" (to apply), consists of cotton strips hand-sewn and dyed with fermented mud and chemical-free, plant-based pigments.

The dyeing process starts with soaking Siiga leaves for 24 hours, producing a yellow liquid that imparts a yellow hue to the fabric.

Symbolic patterns are drawn using fermented clay, which naturally reacts with the fabric to produce the desired colors.

The fabric, known as mudcloth after washing, is considered sacred and protective, imbued with the vital energy of the earth.

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