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Kenana Knitters is located in Njoro rural area of Nakuru County in Kenya.

Here, women generally do not enjoy the same rights or the same opportunities as men in terms of paid employment, access to land ownership, etc.

Agricultural wages, primarily accessible to men, are often not sufficient in themselves to meet the needs of large and extended families typical of Africa.

Pillars of the home, women must therefore reconcile their unpaid domestic activities (housework, subsistence farming, education of children, caring for the elderly in the family, etc.) with very low-income work.

For Kenana Knitters, women are the heart of their communities, which is why the cooperative works to empower them through dignified work in a safe and nurturing environment. of their family.

The primary goal of Kenana Knitters is to provide its knitters with a fair source of income that is rightfully theirs , so that they can improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.

Kenana Knitters is proud to develop eco-responsible production and social support policies:

- both for the production of its unique and entirely handmade stuffed animals (organic cottons, natural dyes, locally sourced wool)

- for the social and cultural support that the members of Kenana Knitters provide to their knitters, particularly on agricultural issues and child care.

Proceeds from Kenana Knitters sales help women to create a better future for themselves by also financing, for its women artisans, the organization of computer or literacy courses and action and information campaigns such as tests for HIV, family planning sessions and other counseling services for well-being, family and health.


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