Collection: white cushion

The white cushion fits wonderfully into many interiors.
Pure white, cream white, off-white, even ecru, all our white cushions are 100% raw cotton, hand-spun by western gaff craftsmen (Mali, Burkina, etc.).

Associated with raw wood furniture, on a leather sofa or simply on cotton or linen bed sheets, a white cushion in raw cotton brings a natural touch.

The 30x50 cm rectangle white cushion brings light and refinement to a Scandinavian piece of furniture, a sofa or a bed. While a 40x40cm square cushion cover is often used to give a cozy and fresh atmosphere to a room.

In contrast with furniture or accessories in bright and bold colors such as red, green, blue, the white cushion elegantly underlines audacity and decorative biases.

Married with more natural colors such as grays, beiges, ochres and browns, the white cushion helps to create a soothing and luminous atmosphere.

Our white mudcloth cushion covers feature a wide variety of patterns and colors.
Black ethnic motifs fit perfectly into a very graphic contemporary style decoration, as well as into an ethnic style decoration.
Studio Matongé plain white mudcloth cushions bring the refinement of raw materials spun entirely by hand to a classic style decoration.

Adorned with orange geometric and ethnic patterns, the white mudcloth cushions bring pep and a vitaminized atmosphere to your rooms for a bold decoration.


For an even cozier decor, combine your white cushion with a plaid from our collection