Collection: Cozy Safari: Handcrafted Rugs for Play and Discovery

Discover our "Cozy Safari" collection, a captivating range of rugs tailored for children's rooms, where each piece serves as an homage to the majestic wildlife of our planet, beckoning young explorers on a vibrant and colorful adventure.

Our animal-shaped wool rugs stand as true artistic expressions, crafted to ignite the imagination of your little ones. Handmade with love and a keen eye for detail, these distinctive pieces introduce a tactile and visual aspect to both learning and playtime. Their unparalleled softness invites touch, fostering sensory development in young children.

Additionally, our assortment of fabric play mats provides a realm solely dedicated to fun and imaginative play. The brilliant hues and endless patterns of our wax fabrics, combined with the gentle caress of cotton gauze, create a decorative canvas that encourages daydreaming and the creation of countless stories, all while ensuring your children play in utmost comfort.