Collection: The Studio gallery

The Studio Gallery reveals itself as a showcase of excellence where contemporary African art and representations of Africa in art come to life. Our careful selection of artistic collaborations illustrates our dedication to highlighting the beauty, diversity and challenges of Africa, a continent with multiple and constantly evolving faces.

The reputation of our partner artists, whether established or emerging, testifies to the richness of their vision.

JP Mika , with his unique pieces of wearable art, immerses us in a vibrant Congo of the Sapeurs.
A true extension of its series of BISENGO paintings, the T-shirts that we present, made by the fashion house Xulÿ-Bet, are intended to support the work of the JP Mika foundation in Kinshasa.

Ana Bloom 's photographs capture the emotional nuances of the continent, irrigated by her reflection on roots, the universal, migration.