Collection: Cuddly toys

Kenana Knitters soft toys and comforters for children are irresistible!

They have everything to please children from birth as well as older children and their parents.

Whether they are all round or all long, they are always incredibly soft and extremely cute.

We love both for their original design full of tenderness and for their artisanal production method using only natural materials, wool or cotton, handmade by the women of the Kenana knitters cooperative, ecologically and socially responsible.

Discover our collection which includes many animal comforters:

Classic stuffed animals such as bear comforters or rabbit comforters are available in wool or organic cotton.

Jungle or savannah animal soft toys also have a good place in our collection, in particular elephant soft toys, zebra soft toys or even monkey soft toys; whether they are very big for soft hugs like HANNIBAL , very long for a better grip by chubby little fingers like JOSEPH or ERNEST or even whether they are our flat cuddly toys in GOTS certified organic cotton, like ZELIGE , perfect for newborns and ideal as a birth gift

Farm animals or forest animals are also present with, in particular, an original collection of sheep comforters

And finally the dinosaur soft toys which are always a great success with little boys and girls alike.