Collection: The Studio Gallery

The Studio Gallery emerges as a beacon of excellence, showcasing the vibrant world of contemporary African art and interpretations of Africa within the art scene. Our meticulous curation of artistic collaborations underscores our commitment to celebrating the beauty, diversity, and complexities of Africa—a continent of myriad faces, constantly changing and evolving.

The acclaim of our partner artists, both established and up-and-coming, speaks volumes about the depth of their creative vision.

JP Mika's distinctive wearable art plunges us into the colorful world of Congo's Sapeurs, serving as a direct continuation of his BISENGO painting series. The T-shirts we feature, crafted by the fashion house Xulÿ-Bet, aim to bolster the efforts of the JP Mika Foundation in Kinshasa.

Ana Bloom's photography delves into the continent's emotional landscape, enriched by her contemplations on roots, the universal, and migration. Her work offers a poignant exploration of Africa's heart and soul, capturing moments that speak to the shared human experience across borders.