Collection: Pure Eco-Responsible Wool

Studio Matongé proudly offers Kenana Knitters products, crafted from pure merino wool in an eco-responsible manner. This merino wool is locally sourced from farms near Kenana's production sites in Kenya.

The wool is carefully selected, then hand-spun by skilled spinners using old bicycle wheels – a process that eschews machines and assembly lines for a completely handcrafted approach.

After spinning, the wool is gently washed with mild soap, then dyed in baths of vegetable dye made from organic plants and vegetables grown on the cooperative's land. Beetroot creates coral hues, dahlia flowers for yellows and coppers, red cabbage for blues…

Once the wool is spun, washed, dyed, and dried, each item, be it decorative pieces or comforters, is meticulously hand-knitted and sewn by the women artisans of the cooperative, ensuring each piece is made with utmost care and quality.


Discover locally sourced, eco-friendly wool:

The exquisite Kenana Knitters woolen collection, handpicked by Studio Matongé, featuring products crafted from pure merino wool sourced directly from the pastoral farms of Njoro, Kenya.
This collection epitomizes the fusion of artisanal skill and natural luxury. Each piece, made with the finest Kenyan merino wool, tells a story of traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices. Our selection is not just a purchase, but an investment in quality, heritage, and the support of local Kenyan communities.

Embracing traditional methods, the wool is hand-spun by artisans using vintage bicycle wheel. No machines, no assembly lines. Everything is handmade – a testament to our commitment to sustainable, machine-free craftsmanship!

Each strand of wool is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a unique touch to every piece.
After spinning, our natural wool is gently washed and dyed in baths of vegetable dyes derived from organic plants and vegetables grown on the cooperative's land: beetroot for coral hues, dahlia flowers for yellow and copper, red cabbage for blues... ready to be transformed into our cherished handmade items with the utmost care by the women artisans of the cooperative.

Our process highlights eco-consciousness and authentic craftsmanship, perfect for eco-minded consumers seeking sustainable and unique home decor.

Explore this exclusive range and experience the unmatched softness and quality of Kenyan merino wool."