L'âme du Bogolan - Studio Matongé

The Essence of Mudcloth

At Studio Matongé, we celebrate Mudcloth, a distinctive fabric that's handwoven from 100% organic cotton. Crafted by skilled artisans in the Ségou region of Mali, each piece is dyed using natural pigments.
Mudcloth, or Bogolan — deriving from the Bambara words 'bogo' (clay) and 'lan' (to apply) — is made from cotton strips that are meticulously hand-sewn together and dyed with fermented mud alongside plant-based, chemical-free dyes.
The unique dyeing process begins with the Siiga leaves, soaked for a full day to release a yellow liquid that gives the fabric its initial hue. Artisans then draw symbolic patterns using fermented clay, which naturally interacts with the fabric, creating the vibrant colors characteristic of mudcloth.
After washing, the fabric emerges as what is known as mudcloth, revered for its sacred and protective qualities, believed to be imbued with the earth's vital energy.
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