Collection: Cuddly toys

Introduce your children to the magical world of Kenana Knitters comforters right from birth. More than just adorable, these plush toys are an invitation to tenderness and sharing for both the young and the young-at-heart.

From round, cuddly shapes to elongated, easy-to-grasp forms, these charming comforters offer a range of soft and soothing sensations.

We're smitten with their original, tender design as well as their artisanal production method, using only natural materials like wool or cotton, handcrafted by the women of the eco-friendly and socially responsible Kenana Knitters cooperative.

The Kenana Knitters collection brims with unique comforters. From classic wool or organic cotton bears and rabbits to exotic jungle and savannah animals like elephants, zebras, and monkeys, each plush toy has its own character. Among them are the flat GOTS-certified organic cotton comforters, perfect for newborns. Children are also invited to explore farm and forest life with an original sheep collection, and not to forget, the ever-popular dinosaurs, beloved by both little girls and boys.