Collection: Dinosaurs, Unicorns, and Dragons: A Mythical Collection

Step into a world of wonder with our enchanting collection of dinosaur, dragon, and unicorn soft toys. These creatures of myth and legend ignite curiosity and imagination from the earliest years, offering more than just playtime companions.

Studio Matongé's range brings you a wide selection of these fantastical animals, each crafted from wool or GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring they're not only soft and cuddly but also eco-friendly and safe for your child. We understand the importance of a personal touch, which is why our collection varies in sizes and colors. This diversity ensures there's a perfect match for every child, from newborns eager for their first cuddle to older children seeking an adventure buddy.

What sets our soft toys apart is their uniqueness and the craftsmanship behind them. Each piece is handcrafted with love and care by the talented women artisans of the Kenana Knitters cooperative in Kenya, making every toy a special companion for your child.

Dive into our collection and find the mythical friend that will capture your child's imagination, promising endless adventures and snuggles while supporting a more compassionate and sustainable world.