Collection: Jungle and Savannah Buddies

Each jungle, bush, or savannah-themed comforter from Studio Matongé is a companion for life, designed to spark imagination and deliver comfort and joy from the earliest age.

Featuring monkeys, lions, zebras, elephants, tigers, crocodiles, and koalas, our collection of jungle and savannah animal plushies presents a broad selection of animals made from wool or GOTS-certified organic cotton, tailored to match the unique personality of each child. This ensures every plush can be hugged and cherished worry-free. The variety in sizes and colors of our comforters also means finding the perfect buddy for everyone, from newborns to older children seeking a friend for adventures and cuddles.

Crafted with the utmost care by the women artisans of the Kenana Knitters cooperative in Kenya, our creations stand out for their quality and compassion.

Dive into our collection and discover the jungle buddy that will win your child's heart, while contributing to a kinder and more sustainable world.