Our timeless cushions

When craftsmanship meets elegance in each cushion.

Our creations, made with materials chosen for their beauty and softness, such as hand-spun cotton and linen, bring a touch of finesse to your interior.

The uniqueness of our cushions comes from the use of traditional African fabrics, meticulously woven and decorated by hand. These pieces, steeped in tradition, add captivating originality to any living space, while telling a story of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

We believe in the second life of textiles: our vintage cushions, found and upcycled with passion, have a unique charm imbued with nostalgia, modernity, history and travel.

We love our customers to take ownership and play with the textures, patterns and colors of our pieces.
Wise or unbridled, dare to mix and match to create a space that suits you, where each cushion becomes an expression of your personal style, adding a unique dimension to your decor.

Let yourself be inspired by the Studio Matonge collection and enrich your home with decorative accessories with refined and personal elegance, where each cushion tells its own story.