Collection: Mudcloth cushions

Studio Matongé's pure cotton mudcloth cushions are masterpieces of craftsmanship, entirely hand-spun, woven, dyed, painted, and sewn. Each cushion cover is imbued with natural hues like ecru, intense black, browns, and ochres that evoke desert landscapes, often highlighted with ancestral geometric patterns.

These mudcloth cushion covers are ideal for adding a personalized touch to your interior decor. They lend themselves to a multitude of combinations to suit your taste:

  • The classic black and white, a harmonious blend of black and white cushions for a timeless look.
  • A natural and refined ambiance, combining white mudcloth cushions with shades of terracotta or ochre.
  • A graphic style, mixing bold ethnic motifs with more contemporary designs.
  • Or perhaps a subtle touch, playing with the complementarity of materials between a mudcloth cushion and a vintage indigo cushion.

These combinations allow you to create a space that is both unique and elegant, reflecting your personality and sense of style.