Collection: Unique and Vintage pieces

The Studio Matongé Vintage Collection embraces the beauty of handmade artistry and the wabi-sabi philosophy, showcasing artisanal, vintage fabrics from Africa. Each piece, from cushion covers to throws, is a testament to uniqueness and storied history. Our selection of antique fabrics brings unparalleled richness and texture, making every item a singular treasure that reflects a rich, diverse heritage.

Opting for our creations means introducing a piece of African artistry into your space, celebrating the beauty in imperfection. These items, embodying both discreet luxury and distinctive personality, are reminders that true perfection in decor, as in life, resides in the unique imperfections that confer character.

Our Vintage Collection invites you into a decorating journey that marries luxury with tradition and history, crafting spaces that are not just beautiful but serene and deeply personal. Each piece bears the authentic marks of its origins - irregularities, imperfections, and signs of wear. These are not flaws but the hallmarks of genuine artisanal craftsmanship, endowing each object with its exceptional charm.