Collection: Bedspreads

Studio Matonge is delighted to unveil its distinguished collection of bedspreads, a tribute to the rich tapestry of African textile traditions. Each bedspread serves as a graphic masterpiece, crafted from either contemporary or vintage African textiles, embodying the essence of artisanal skill.

These creations represent a seamless fusion of cultural depth, historical significance, and stylistic elegance. The authentic designs and vivid hues inject a distinctive vitality and character into your bedroom sanctuary, offering both warmth and aesthetic pleasure.

Ideal for those who aspire to enrich their home environment with the profound cultural wealth and singular beauty that African textiles provide.

Embark on a journey of discovery with textures that narrate tales, patterns that captivate the eye, and the inherent stories interwoven within each thread. Studio Matonge invites you to transform your living space into an exhibit of living art, where the luxury of comfort harmonizes with genuine authenticity.