Collection: "Résistances végétales " - Anna Bloom

In 2021, visual photographer Ana BLOOM is going on an artistic residency for a stage of “La route des SOUFFLES, BREATH PROJECT” in a garden that she saw born fifteen years previously. On site she found her designers, a duo formed by the landscape architect Arnaud Maurières and the botanist Éric Ossart. It is the birth of a new artistic conversation between them and Ana.

In line with their first master thinker Gilles Clément, and the idea of global garden » Arnaud Maurières and Éric Ossart have been developing gardens on several continents for more than three decades. These gardens, whose plants are sown to grow completely or almost autonomously, are designed to resist climate change.

Ana's photographs taken in some of the most beautiful of these gardens will be published in their book “Manifeste du jardin émotionnel” published in 2022 by Plume de carotte.

Studio Matonge is putting on sale today a selection of limited edition prints, signed and framed, from this photographic series called “Résistances Végétales”.