Collection: Cushions & cushion covers

Studio Matongé's cushions and covers are a fusion of expert craftsmanship from Belgium, Mali, and Kenya, showcasing fabrics that are handpicked during our travels and echo our creative ethos. Our collection spans from unique, one-of-a-kind pieces to exclusive limited series, presenting a wide array of materials and hues.

Unearth our exclusive pieces or capsule collections, each offering a rich palette of shades and textures. Perfect for both beginners and aficionados in Mix & Match, our range empowers you to create sophisticated and distinctive arrangements. 

  • Our solid models, crafted for creativity, serve as blank canvases for you to express your individuality. They effortlessly blend to create a space that mirrors your personal style, playing with combinations of materials, colors, and shapes.
  • Our traditional designs pay tribute to age-old craftsmanship, showcasing timeless patterns and raw textures, all handcrafted. They reflect a centuries-old African artistry, bringing an authentic and storied touch to your decor.
  • For lovers of bright colors and bold patterns, our 'Vibrant' range celebrates the brilliance of pure cotton wax, adding a cheerful and distinctive flair to any interior.

At Studio Matongé, each piece tells a story – a fusion of art, travel, and home decor.
Dare to be original and let your interior reflect your unique essence.