Collection: Bear Cuddly Toys

Each bear comforter from Studio Matongé is a life companion, designed to awaken the imagination, offer comfort and joy from an early age.

With a wide variety of colors, from natural, calming hues to bright, happy colors, our collection offers a rainbow of choices to match each child's unique personality. The sizes of our bear plush toys also vary, making it easy to find the perfect companion for everyone, from newborns to older children looking for a friend for adventure.

Our bear comforters are made with the greatest care by the women artisans of the Kenana Knitters cooperative in Kenya from locally produced wool or organic cotton and GOTS certified dyes. This means that each bear can be cuddled and loved without any worry.

Explore our collection and find the comforter that will make your child's heart beat, while contributing to a kinder and more sustainable world.