Collection: Artistic collaborations

Studio Matongé emerged from a passionate commitment to amplify the voices of artisans, designers, and artists. At the heart of, "La Galerie du Studio" unveils itself as a beacon of excellence, illuminating the realm of contemporary African art. Our meticulously curated artistic collaborations showcase our unwavering dedication to celebrating the intricate beauty and diversity of Africa—a continent of endless surprises, dynamic evolutions, and rich identities far removed from stereotypes.

The esteemed reputation of our collaborating artists, both the well-established and the rising stars, speaks to the profound depth of their artistic visions. It is within this tapestry of diversity that JP Mika, with his distinctive wearable art derived from the BISENGO painting series, transports us to the vibrant world of Congo's La Sape culture. Meanwhile, Ana Bloom, through her "Résistances Végétales" photo series, explores the continent's emotional layers and its flora's remarkable diversity and resilience.

Every piece showcased in "La Galerie du Studio" transcends mere artistic expression; it embodies a story, a tradition, and a vision for the future. These exclusive works, whether singular masterpieces or part of highly limited editions, are authenticated by the artist's signature and edition number, certifying their authenticity and esteemed origin.

"La Galerie du Studio" aspires to present original art at accessible prices from contemporary talents—African and beyond—who offer a uniquely insightful perspective on this vast continent. Our selection process is a blend of personal discovery, meaningful encounters, and deep dialogues between the founder and the chosen artists.

We have thus forged a distinctive collection, including works conceived from items we've personally unearthed. Embark on a journey through this exceptional curation that presents contemporary Africa in its most genuine and magnificent form.