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Handwoven Organic Cotton: The Quintessential Raw and Elegant Material

At Studio Matongé, we believe our decorating choices can make the world a better place. 
That's why we offer cushion covers, bedspreads, throws, and other decor items made from organic cotton in our range of traditional African fabrics. Organic cotton is not only stylish but also natural and sustainable. It's grown responsibly, without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, reducing water and air pollution and water consumption. This cultivation method allows local farmers to work in healthier and safer conditions.

We collaborate with talented artisans in West Africa to hand-weave each cotton piece. They create traditional or revamped patterns for us, either woven or dyed using various ancestral techniques.

We believe that handwoven organic cotton decorative items bring a personal and authentic touch to your home while supporting local communities. Our collection of organic cotton cushion covers, bedspreads, and other decorative items includes a variety of colors and patterns in natural shades, suitable for all interior design styles. Opt for accessories made from raw and natural materials to quickly and effortlessly add a personal, authentic, and cozy touch of sophistication to your home.


At Studio Matongé, we champion the idea that our decorative choices have the power to transform the world for the better. This belief is at the heart of our decision to incorporate organic cotton into our collection of traditional African fabrics, including cushion covers, bedspreads, throws, and other home decor items. Organic cotton stands out as a material that is both stylish and conscientiously sustainable. Cultivated without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals, it significantly reduces water usage, as well as air and water pollution, thereby supporting the health and safety of local farmers.

Our partnership with skilled artisans in West Africa brings this vision to life, as they handweave each piece of cotton, creating both traditional and modern patterns through age-old weaving and dyeing techniques.

We're committed to offering handwoven organic cotton decor that not only adds a unique and genuine touch to your living spaces but also uplifts local communities. Our range features a spectrum of colors and patterns in natural hues, designed to complement any interior decor style. Choose from our selection of organic cotton accessories to instantly infuse your home with a sense of personal authenticity and understated elegance.


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