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Studio Matongé proudly supports the JP Mika Foundation

Studio Matongé is thrilled to announce its support for the JP Mika Foundation in our first-ever collaboration. We are committing 10% of our profits from the sales of the JP Mika Bisengo Fashion capsule collection T-shirts, crafted in the Parisian ateliers of Xuli-Bët, to the JP Mika Foundation.

Established in 2021 by the renowned contemporary artist JP Mika, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting orphans and widows in the Democratic Republic of Congo, his home country. The JP Mika Foundation focuses on fostering self-sufficiency through a variety of social initiatives. This includes funding education by covering school fees and offering training for young people, as well as empowering widows and single mothers to start micro-enterprises and organizing micro-credit programs. These efforts are designed to help them provide for their families in a sustainable way.




Discover more about the impactful work of the JP Mika Foundation:



  • JP MIKA ready to commune with the widows and orphans of his foundation (L'arbre à palabres, 09/11/2021)
The contemporary painter JP Mika is in the Democratic Republic of Congo to set up the foundation that bears his name, whose purpose is to support widows and orphans through various charitable actions.





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