Le lin

Discover the Understated Elegance of Linen at Studio Matongé

At Studio Matongé, we're passionate about blending tradition with sustainability, which is why linen has become a cornerstone of our collections. Paired with our vibrant African wax prints and pure cotton bogolans, linen adds a touch of refined simplicity to our range of home decor items, including cushions, throws, bedspreads, and quilts.

Our commitment to environmental responsibility led us to partner with one of the oldest linen weavers in Northern France, renowned for their dedication to producing French linen in an eco-friendly manner. By utilizing their deadstock, we not only contribute to reducing waste but also ensure each piece carries the legacy of expert craftsmanship.

Linen, known for its durability and comfort, complements the boldness of our African fabrics, offering versatile decor options that embody the essence of quiet luxury. Explore our collection and experience the seamless blend of style and sustainability.

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