Le savoir faire des Kenana Knitters - Studio Matongé

The Mastery of the Kenana Knitters



Nestled in the rural Njoro area of Nakuru County, Kenya, lies the heart of the Kenana Knitters cooperative. In this region, women face significant disparities in rights and opportunities compared to men, with limited access to paid employment and land ownership. The agricultural wages that are mainly available to men often fall short of supporting the large and extended families typical in Africa. As the backbone of their homes, women must juggle their unpaid domestic responsibilities—including housework, subsistence farming, child education, and caring for elderly family members—with low-income jobs.

At Kenana Knitters, women are recognized as the cornerstone of their communities, which drives the cooperative's mission to empower them through dignified, safe, and supportive work. The primary aim is to offer these artisans a fair source of income that they can call their own, enabling them to enhance their and their families' quality of life.

Kenana Knitters takes pride in its eco-responsible production and social support policies:

  • The creation of unique, entirely handcrafted stuffed animals using organic cotton, natural dyes, and locally sourced wool.
  • Providing social and cultural support to its members, particularly in agriculture and childcare.

Sales proceeds from Kenana Knitters not only empower women to forge a better future for themselves but also finance educational programs like computer or literacy courses and health and well-being initiatives, including HIV testing, family planning sessions, and other counseling services.

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