Collection: Passionately Wax - African Textiles Unleashed

Wax fabric, with its array of patterns such as Fancy, Woodin, religious, geometric, or floral, brings a burst of joy and color to interior decoration. It offers the perfect mix for a decor that's both fun and vibrant.

Whether you prefer understated colors or brighter shades, wax fabric provides a wide range of options. Its patterns, ranging from subtle to bold, create a striking graphic effect, ideal for a designer style.

Over the past fifteen years, wax fabric has emerged as an essential decor element. It has become a hallmark in the rooms and lobbies of renowned hotels, trendy neighborhood bars, as well as among artists and designers. Moreover, it has found its place in our homes, from entryways to living rooms, offering a unique style that oscillates between pop and street art.

More than just a fabric; wax is an expression of creativity and boldness, perfectly suited for those looking to add a touch of originality to their surroundings.