Collection: Nomadic room

Studio Matongé has meticulously created or curated distinctive pieces to turn your bedroom into a warm and inspirational sanctuary, where every item has its own tale to tell.

Experience the comfort and warmth of the Tanggoor throw, a highlight of our collection. Hand-spun and knitted from pure wool, this throw embodies the essence of sustainable opulence. Its soft, embracing feel beckons you to wrap yourself up, creating a haven of comfort and warmth.

The Bonbonsi cushion introduces an element of softness and inviting roundness to your space. Adorned with gentle merino wool pompoms, it's an ideal companion for your relaxation and reading times, be it on your bed or couch.

The Lengo throw, adorned with traditional bogolan patterns, stands as a masterpiece of textile art. Crafted from pure cotton, it adds a distinctive texture and lightness to the ensemble. Ideal for balmy nights or as a historically rich decorative piece, its designs and color scheme harmoniously complement the collection, capturing the essence of a nomadic spirit and a penchant for exploration.

With the "Nomadic Bedroom" concept, Studio Matongé beckons you to craft a space uniquely your own, a place where each piece is selected for its narrative, quality, and character. Combine these items to infuse your home with a touch of global wanderlust, allowing your bedroom to reflect your journeys, whether they're real or dreamt.