Collection: Monkey comforters

Monkey cuddle toys are a delightful friend for young ones and the young at heart alike.

With their playful features and affectionate expressions, our monkey cuddle toys are perfect for accompanying your child on grand adventures or cozy cuddling moments.


From the lively tamarins to the thoughtful orangutans, mighty gorillas, and mischievous marmosets, our monkey cuddle toys come in various models, colors, and sizes. Whether it's a traditional brown or an adventurous multicolored pattern, you can find the perfect monkey for your child's imagination.

Our first-age flat monkey cuddle toys are crafted from certified GOTS organic cotton, safe from birth. For those seeking something extra soft, our other monkey plush toys made from pure organic wool are suitable for all ages. All are entirely spun, dyed, knitted, and sewn by hand in an eco-responsible manner by the women artisans of the cooperative Kenana Knitters in Kenya—a beautiful way to support mothers too!

Whether solo or in a troop, our monkey cuddle toys are awaiting their forever family. Indulge yourself and adopt them today. From gentle tamarins to loving orangutans, powerful gorillas, and spirited marmosets, find the monkey that resonates with your child's spirit and imagination.