Collection: Monkey comforters

Monkey cuddle toys are the perfect companions for children and those young at heart. With their engaging features and warm expressions, they're ideal for both adventurous play and moments of snug comfort.

Our collection features a variety of monkey breeds, from the energetic tamarins to the contemplative orangutans, the strong gorillas, and the playful marmosets, available in different models, colors, and sizes. Whether you prefer a classic brown or a bold, multicolored pattern, there's a monkey cuddle toy to spark every child's imagination.

Our newborn-friendly flat monkey cuddle toys are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring they're safe from the very first day. For those desiring the softest companion, we offer plush monkeys crafted from pure organic wool, perfect for all ages. Each toy is meticulously spun, dyed, knitted, and sewn by hand with eco-conscious practices by the skilled women artisans of the Kenana Knitters cooperative in Kenya, supporting mothers in their craft.

Ready for adoption, whether individually or as a group, our monkey cuddle toys are waiting to join their new families. Discover the ideal monkey to match your child's unique spirit and imagination, from the affectionate tamarins and orangutans to the majestic gorillas and lively marmosets. Bring home a cherished friend today and support a meaningful cause.