Collection: Kenana Knitters collection curated by Studio Matongé

Founded in 1998 in Njoro, Kenya, Kenana Knitters is a life-changing initiative for over 500 rural Kenyan women. This organization empowers them to create remarkable knitted plush toys and decorative items, with a keen focus on quality and detail.

Using locally-sourced, untreated merino wool and GOTS-certified organic cotton from Tanzania, Kenana Knitters stands out for its production methods. Hand-knitting and dyeing with local vegetable-based or non-toxic dyes ensure environmentally friendly and high-quality products.

Beyond crafting exceptional products, Kenana Knitters is committed to enhancing these women's lives. By providing a safe work environment that supports family balance, the cooperative enables them to earn a fair income and offers educational, social, and cultural support. This empowers them with independence, pride, and dignity for themselves and their families.

Choosing a Kenana Knitters plush toy, cushion, rug, or throw is a beautifully dual-purpose gesture – both aesthetically pleasing and ethically sound.