Collection: Mudcloth toiletry bags

Studio Matongé's mudcloth and wax toiletry bags, available in three ultra-practical sizes, are designed to accompany all your beauty routines with style and functionality.

  • The XXL Toiletry Bag: perfect for beauty enthusiasts who want to carry everything, or for families. Its large size is ideal for those who don’t want to choose between their favorite products.

  • The Flared Toiletry Bag: crafted for easy storage of all your essentials. Its flared shape allows for quick access and effortless organization of your beauty products.

  • The Makeup Bag: compact and stylish, it easily fits into any bag. It’s perfect for keeping your makeup essentials within reach, wherever you are.

These bags, blending the elegance of bogolan and wax with practicality, are essential accessories for keeping your beauty products well-organized, whether traveling or in everyday use.