Collection: Mudcloths

Studio Matongé's mudcloth items are true works of art. Originating from the Ségou region in Mali and sometimes echoing Scandinavian minimalism, these fabrics are a perfect blend of heritage and modernity. They effortlessly fit into any interior, providing a unique signature that transcends diverse styles.

Our mudcloth cushions and throws present a harmony of colors that stimulate the senses. Whether your space embodies an ethnic spirit, bohemian vibes, rustic charm, or urban chic, they add a distinctive touch of character and warmth.

Studio Matongé's mudcloth and wax toiletry bags, available in three practical sizes, combine functionality with sophisticated aesthetics. Ideal for all your journeys, they represent everyday luxury and effortless elegance.

Chic and practical, our raw mudcloth toiletry bags, offered in three sizes, are perfect for any adventure, ensuring elegance everywhere, effortlessly.