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Collection: NAMTCHEMA: The Royal Weaving of the Bamileke

NAMTCHEMA is a collection of vintage ndop pieces. Each piece in the collection is unique and numbered.

The art of interior design is not just about choosing objects that please the eye; it’s also about surrounding yourself with pieces that have a story, a deep meaning. This is precisely what the Ndop fabric offers, one of the royal fabrics of the Bamiléké people, a treasure of Cameroon, originally exclusively reserved for royalty due to the complexity and meticulousness of its manufacturing.

At Studio Matongé, we particularly like to hunt down and upcycle raw vintage ndop pieces. These fabrics are even more valuable today because they are rare. Finding an authentic piece, carefully preserved for decades, is a real treasure for lovers of art and decoration. These are the pieces that bring a unique touch to any interior, mixing tradition and modernity for a boho chic look.

Whether draped over a sofa, used as a throw or even framed as a piece of art, Ndop brings a sophistication that is both artisanal and majestic that speaks to our hearts as much as it does to our eyes.