Collection: Pure Eco-Responsible Wool

Kenana Knitters products curated by Studio Matongé are made of pure merino wool and produced in an eco-responsible way. Merino wool is collected in Kenya from farms near Kenana's production sites.

It is then selected and spun by hand by spinners with the help of old bicycle wheels. No machines, no chains. Everything is handmade!

The spun wool is then washed with mild soap, tinted in vegetable dye baths made from organic plants and vegetables grown on the land of the cooperative: beetroot for the coral, dahlia flowers for the yellow and copper, red cabbage for the blue...

Once the wool has been spun, washed, dyed and dried, each piece, whether decorative items or comforters, is entirely knitted and sewn by hand with the greatest care by the women artisans of the cooperative.