Collection: Wall decorations and small objects

Studio Matongé presents a unique selection of boho wall decorations, original and inspiring. Each carefully selected piece can be displayed alone or in combination, allowing you to play with patterns, textures, and colors to create a wall that tells your story.

Our collection is full of unique ideas for wall decor. Whether for beautifying your own home or giving a special gift, our bohemian wall decorations are perfect for adding an artistic and warm touch to any interior.

We breathe new life into the remnants of our textiles, transforming each piece into distinctive decorative elements. This environmentally friendly approach not only values each fiber but also adds a story and authenticity to every item in our collection.

Whether you choose a single piece or decide to mix and match different elements, our wall decorations offer the flexibility to suit your personal style. They are ideal for adding a bohemian and artistic touch to your interior.

By choosing Studio Matongé's wall decorations, you opt for a unique style and a commitment to sustainability and creativity.