Collection: Inspired by the Desert Palette

The hues of the desert, from golden sands to the reds of the Kalahari, through Sienna earth and chalky whites, bring a natural and refined touch to our interiors. This chromatic range, blending beiges, ochres, and whites, offers understated elegance and a Zen ambiance, all while preserving the brightness of the space. Timeless and versatile, these colors harmonize beautifully with every room.

Terracotta introduces a lively and welcoming warmth to your decor. When combined with shades of wood, blue, or salmon, they soften, remaining true to their authenticity and nomadic spirit.

And then, there's the blue – reminiscent of indigo-clad men traversing the dunes, of a cloudless sky. Serene, often deep, our shades of blue inspire travel and daydreaming in the comfort of your home.